paw  Boarding Testimonials

I have kept dogs at Templin Kennels for three months each of the last three years while I have been south for the winter. My dogs have always been well taken care of and look great when I get them back. The grounds at Templin Kennels are spotless, and I feel my dogs get as good of care as I (personally) give them.
    – Jim; Glencoe, MN

I have used Gary to board my two German Shorhairs numerous times. He does an excellent job of taking care of my dogs. The kennels are very clean and he exercises the dogs three times a day. Gary does KNOW his dogs. I would highly recommend Gary's boarding service to anyone who is looking for dependable and reliable care for your dog.
    – Gary; Belle Plaine, MN

paw  Training Testimonials

We brought our dog, Dakota (British lab/Golden retriever mix), to Gary when she was a year old. Our goal with Gary was to provide obedience training and see if she would work as a hunting dog. With Dakota already a year old, training for pheasant hunting was a late start. Gary’s skill and patience however, overcame all. Dakota’s improved discipline at home and in the field made her an enjoyable dog. The following year we brought Dakota back for accelerated training. She is now a pleasure to walk unleashed as well as a great hunter! Gary’s love of dogs, training knowledge and patience is most appreciated by my wife and myself!
    – Vic; Roberts, WI

I brought home a yellow Lab puppy from an advertisement I saw in the newspaper with hopes of having a hunting Buddy. I had never gone pheasant hunting or ever owned a hunting dog in my life. I knew I needed help. After talking to a friend they referred me to Gary. I gave Gary a call and he was able to answer all my questions and set up a training plan to get the best results of the kind of dog I needed. I dropped my 6 month old crazy puppy T off to Gary and said my goodbyes. One week later Gary called to update me that T was doing well. I was glad to hear my crazy lab was learning, but still not sure how much T had changed. I went out the following week to see T and have Gary help train me on what I could do with that crazy Lab. In 2 weeks time Gary had my crazy lab off leash walking at heel and coming on command. T also knew the stay command and could run birds down with gun fire like the hunting dog I dreamed of having. When it came time to pick up my crazy lab T he had completely changed into a fully trained and obedient lab that I can take with me to the store and out into the field and he retrieves birds all day long right back to my hand. The love Gary has for the dogs he trains can easily be seen in my pup T with how happy and stylish T is when we go out to hunt or just throwing dummies. I cannot thank you enough Gary for helping me achieve my goal of pheasant hunting with my own dog. Thank you,
    – Michael & T; Lino Lakes, MN

I am a waterfowl hunter and the owner of Riley (black lab) that was in need of training. I took riley to Gary after a friend referred him to me. Gary did the basic obedience, collar conditioning, and steady to shot. Training was completed in the time frame he suggested and I was very pleased with the result.
Gary did an excellent job with Riley and I would reccomend him to anyone in need of dog training.
    – Mark; Brownton, MN

“dependable and reliable”

“The grounds at Templin Kennels are spotless.”